Medical Esthetics U Cosmetic Injection Training Courses

These comprehensive esthetics medical training course provides participants with certification for both neuromodulators (NM) and injectable dermal fillers and is recognized for the purpose of product purchase and malpractice certification. Hands-on training is provided, allowing participants to begin performing NM and dermal filler procedures immediately. 

To take this course, you must be an MD, DO, NP, PA, RN or DDS, and have a medical supervisor if you hold the license of PA.

Intro/Novice/Beginner Course

Recommended for those with 6 or less month’s experience.

No cannula application, tear troughs or temples. Everything will be taught on the needle. Recommended per student for a VERY full day. We can always do less, and just talk through the procedure. This course is to certify you in NM and filler, while giving you enough knowledge to begin a practice.

Experienced Beginner/Intermediate Course

Recommended for 6 months to 3 years experience.

Recommended for injectors who have mastered the basic steps and techniques, who feel ready to take things to the next level. They have a list of areas that they need more insight or help. They may begin cannula work here if the student has injected at minimum 50 syringes of filler.

  • Learn the patent pending Bobbi Bullock Perfectly Predicable Lip Technique via cannula.
  • Discuss or inject off label and advanced Botox procedures, poor outcomes, corrections, etc.
  • Ala carte filler course designed around student’s predetermined needs.

Intermediate/Expert Course

Recommended 3+ years.

Recommend for injectors who want to master cannula application, and off label areas of the face such as Tear Troughs, Temples, Jawline, Hands.

  • Ala carte filler course designed around student’s predetermined needs.
  • Learn the patent pending Bobbi Bullock Perfectly Predicable Lip Technique via cannula.


$3,500 for a 7-hour course, 1 person, each additional person is $1000. There is a maximum of 3 people. Cosmetic Injection training of Botox and/or Dermal Filler (Down payment of 50% is required at registration) Trainees will provide their own products for training, they can be purchased from BBME at a discounted rate or they can get samples from their rep, or bring their own FDA approved products.

Friday and Saturday courses have an additional $500 cost. Travel fee of $500 applies if distance is greater than 25 miles from downtown Boise, Id. If travel is more than a 3-hour drive, flight and hotel cost may also be applicable and paid by trainee.

Botox/Dermal Filler Training Course Agenda

  • 9AM Arrival MEU Training Room -Didactic
  • Introductions & welcome to Botox and or dermal filler training
  • Review of facial anatomy
  • Botox

Handling, reconstitution, dosage, and storage

Botox mechanism of action

Botox: Indications and contraindications

Side effects & complications


Why injectable fillers? The different kinds of fillers, indication/

contraindications/mechanism of action

Proper skin prep and patient screening

Side effects, risks, emergency

Biofilm, nodules and granulomas

  • 9:50AM Treatment Room- First model arrives

Live consultation demonstration

Discuss patient consent, photographs & after treatment instructions

Discuss proper skin prep

  • 10:00PM Injection training

Demonstration and hands-on training of Botox & injectable fillers

  • 12:30PM Working Lunch Provided
  • 1:00PM Second Model Arrives

Demonstration and hands-on training of Botox & injectable fillers

  • 3:30PM End live injection training
  • 3:30PM Q&A
  • 4:00PM End of day, reimburse any used product

Hands on Injections: 2 Model Patients Per Student

  • Both receive Botox (40-55 units each) = $250-$343.75
  • One receives lips (1 Juvéderm syringe) = $270
  • One receives cheeks (2 Voluma syringes) = $740
  • One receives nasolabial folds= (1-2 syringes Juvéderm or Vollure syringe) =$270-$340 per syringe
  • One receives jowls (1-2 syringes Juvéderm or Vollure syringe) = $270-$340 per syringe

Model Patients

For the best learning experience, please bring your own model patients. Please bring 2 patients per training session (3 models are acceptable if there is only one student). This is a teaching course so please advise your model patients that they must be available for approximately 2-4 hours. Best models are ages 30-45. (It is common to have your patient model to pay for their service to help cover cost).

Please communicate early if you need help finding model patients.

Reimbursement for usage due at end of class if product is purchased from MEU:

• Juvéderm – $270 a syringe

• Voluma – $370 a syringe

• Vollure – $340 a syringe

• Volbella .55ml – $184 a syringe

•Botox – $6.25 a unit (minimum of 100-unit purchase)

Be prepared to serve your clients

We sell unbranded, customizable Medical History, Treatment Record, Subsequent Medical History, Acknowledgment of Informed Consent, and consents for Botox, hyaluronic fillers and Kybella, with aftercare handouts.

Package of customizable forms $750.00